WMEX air check

A Joseph Ross
Thu Nov 7 02:31:19 EST 2013

Well, it was interesting to listen to.  I thought Ed Hider had been a 
bit more zany, both as Eddie Mitchell on WCOP and as Fenway.  He was 
somewhat more subdued here.  Perhaps he was told at some point to tone 
it down.  The news broadcasts were also interesting.  I've commented in 
the past that years ago even the teenage rock stations had stronger news 
coverage.than is the case now.  I see that my memory was accurate.  They 
devoted a surprisi9ng amount of time to a story about a Foreign Aid bill 
in Congress, with an explanation by Senator John Sparkman (Alabama or 
Mississippi, I think) on how a compromise between House and Senate 
versions was likely.  They also had a surprisingly long story about the 
new British prime minister, Sir Alec Douglas-Home campaigning for a seat 
in the House of Commons.  Another news story was about Republicans 
hoping to block Governor Peabody's proposed reorganization of the 
Department of Public Works (It passed, as I recall).

All in all, an interesting air check, and I recorded it, so that I can 
listen again.

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