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And I  have to defend the city of Rochester here: as with any older city 
(Boston  very much included) it has its decaying parts and dangerous 
neighborhoods.  But it also has some wonderful, vibrant areas that are a 
lot more exciting  now than they were when I was growing up here.

Boston's center (gov't center to The Common, to Back Bay & more) is  alive 
and well.  Rochester, inside The Inner Loop... is .... uh.... pretty  bad.  
Outside the Inner Loop does, as Scott says, has some great  
neighborhoods.... Park Avenue to East Avenue, etc.
but RADIO must be more exciting there now!  When I lived in the  Rochester 
area (the City, Henrietta [at RIT]. Brighton, North Chili, Brockport),  
there were only 13 radio stations; 6 AM's and 7 FM's + 1 AM in Brockport which  
started broadcasting on April Fools Day 1970..  Now there's twice as many,  
or more.
What was really exciting was WSAY's site... Overgrown, with a ground system 
 above ground on utility-type poles all around the 4 towers... had a 
certain  mysticism about it.

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