Aereo without Comcast?

D. A.
Wed May 29 22:01:25 EDT 2013

1.)  You don't miss CNN or Comedy Central, etc?

2.)  What do you do for local news, etc?

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We dumped Dish over 3 years ago and got a Roku. We watch Hulu Plus and Netflix most of the time. No interest in going back.

Bill O'Neill

Ken VanTassell <> wrote:
This is the "cutting the cord" model most people talk about although they
usually go with Hulu Plus for $8 as it is available through the Roku and
has a few more popular shows. The Roku also has curated news video apps, a
PBS, and a Smithsonian app with full length shows.


On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 4:21 PM, Don <> wrote:

After getting my latest Comcast bill, I wondered.....

Does anyone think that they can survive with only an Aero subscription and
access to Hulu and Netflix?

Aero - $8
Hulu - $0
Netflix Streaming - $8

$16....and, yes, I won't be getting all those channels that I never watch.
(Although having CNN would be nice.)

Thoughts on a good way to "cut the cord"?


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