Aereo now up in Boston

Garrett Wollman
Mon May 27 20:25:01 EDT 2013

<<On Mon, 27 May 2013 20:17:19 -0400, Sid Schweiger <> said:

> No Channel 9 WMUR?  
>>> No Channel 27 WUNI?  
>>> No Channel 21 WPXG? 
>>> No Channel 50 WBIN?  
>>> No channel 60 (WNEU?)
>>> No WENH Ch 11?
>>> These are all pretty much local channels to those in Northern Mass.
>> Not to those who use an antenna.  Here in Framingham, 27 comes in like
>> gangbusters (as you would expect) but I've never seen any of the
>> others.

> Even stranger than the lack of those channels is the map showing
> where the service is available. The map includes the counties where
> all of those unavailable stations live.

Not that strange.  Those counties are in the market, so Aereo can
serve them without running afoul of the court decision that allows
them to operate, but that dosen't mean that Aereo has receivers
anywhere near those areas.

Remember the model: Aereo is not a cable TV system (officially).
Aereo is a mechanism to allow people to rent a TV receiver which
happens to be located somewhere other than their home and transmit the
signals received over the Internet to wherever they are.  Think like
Slingbox but in somebody else's data center and without the cable
subscription.  Because they are not (officially) a cable TV system,
they are not subject to the must-carry/retrans-consent regime, they do
not have to pay into the MVDS royalty pool, and they don't have to
carry channels their customers aren't interested in.


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