Real Names of Disc Jockeys

Dave Doherty
Thu May 16 19:53:46 EDT 2013

I learned very young that using my real name on the air would be a problem.
While you're on the air, you are not at home, and if a bad guy figures out
that you're in the studio, he can break in. 

(Maybe not so much today with Voice Tracking, but back then live was live
unless you taped your entire shift. There was a tear-jerker country song
about that.)  

And, by the way, the wackos can figure out your home phone number and call
you drunk at 3 AM.

That got me thinking about security issues in general, and ever since, I've
been really aware.  That's why none of our DJs use their real names on  the

And social media has added a new wrinkle:  Hello, Facebook friends!  I'm in
Sudetenland!  Break into my house in Massachusetts!


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I'm a good example. When I worked at the old WMEX before I went to WBZ
radio, my changed to Ted Larsen from Thorvald Lauritsen. Not so good for
radio....or anything. Larry Glick always called me "Thor The Viking"
My friends just use "Thor."

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> While researching something else entirely, I found a fascinating little 
> article in the Boston Herald (10 February 1956) that said Stan Richards 
> (then of WORL, plus he hosted Totem Poll Matinee on WBZ-TV, if memory 
> serves) was changing his name legally to his professional name.  It said 
> his birth name was Richard Goldberg.  And it said he was changing his 
> family's names to Richards as well.  I never knew Stan Richards was once 
> Richard Goldberg.  That set me to thinking of other disc jockeys and their

> real names-- Arnie Ginsburg really was Arnie Ginsburg and he never changed

> it.  But there were so many d.j.'s who used "house names" (a million Dan 
> Donovans and Johnny Darks) or who tried to make their name sound less 
> ethnic.  Norm Prescott was Norman Pransky, yes?  I believe Bill Marlowe 
> was originally William Moglia.  Others that come to mind?

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