Chris Hall
Tue May 14 04:10:16 EDT 2013

Silly me, one tends to forget that most shows unlike some of the Michael Landon series which were NBC productions are from
independent producers like MTM and Grant Tinker, Filmway’s, Review Studios etc.  I think there may be further complications as Little House
on the Prairie also an NBC production was sold in syndication to both the Hallmark Channel and GMT. In addition Highway to Heaven
was sold to and is showing on RTV but it may not be market exclusive as COZI is also running it. 
At best guess the stuff NBC is running on COZI was not selling in syndication to any other takers so they are trying to make a few bucks by
running it on their O&O’s and having much satellite space to distribute to any other takers. I now get the’s not done in the business
model of METV

From: Chris Hall 
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2013 3:59 PM
Subject: COZI-TV

I’m a bit puzzled, with all the resources of NBC COZI looks like it’s a product of a local community cable channel.  Their production
and on air promotional make METV look exceptional, even RTV looks very good in comparison. The real problem is the program selection
from the NBC vaults, where are the top of the heap shows from NBC’s 80’s line up like LA Law and St Elsewhere that appear on no other venue,
these shows would bring far more audience interest than the Bionic Woman and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans which could be run in off hours.
With growing the brand the cliché these days it would have made more sense to brand it as NBC Classic TV 

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