FDR Fireside Chat Reference In Scott's Tower Calendar

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 12:05:05 EDT 2013

I remember there was a feature in the Radio Shack circular where the
president of the company did a "flyer-side chat".
One episode of All In  The Family had Archie's political polar
opposite, Maude Findlay,
objecting to Archie's putdown of FDR's fireside chats. "Those fireside
chats kept this
country informed!," she yells. "And one 'my friends' from Roosevelt
was worth a barrelful of 'Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear's!"

Archie retorts, "Oh now you're attacking my President, huh? Well let
me tell you one
thing about Richard E. Nixon" (sic) :)

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