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Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sat Mar 2 04:40:11 EST 2013

In the latest issue of NERW, Scott refers to 17 years since Bloomberg has
had a Boston outlet--or did I read it incorrectly? But if I read it right,
I'm assuming that Scott must have been talking about 590 back when it had
the WBNW calls and was owned by Peter Ottmar's Back Bay Broadcasting (after
CBS, but--I guess--before the Celtics).

First of all, what were the years in which Ottmar owned 590 and what was the
chronology of ownership of 590 (who owned it in what years)?

Second, I don't remember hearing Bloomberg on 590 when it was WBNW and was
doing financial news/talk. 17 years ago would have been 1996, right? IIRC,
1130 in New York had become WBBR (under Bloomberg ownership) and started
financial news/talk in late 1992. If all that is correct, 590 certainly
could have carried a Bloomberg feed in 1996. But did it?

Also, I would agree with Scott that 1120 (which now has the WBNW calls)
really isn't a Boston signal. But if you count 1120 as a Boston signal, it
has carried some Bloomberg programming much more recently than 17 years
ago--probably as recently as last year and maybe even currently. For several
months at the start of that fairly recent period, problems with the
satellite feed made listening essentially impossible. BAD radio, indeed!

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