Jen Brien gets WBZ (AM)'s overnight gig five nights a week for the next year (at least)

Donna Halper
Wed Jun 26 12:30:05 EDT 2013

Gary wrote--
>> Why doesn't CBS just save money and shut the transmitter off from
>> 12-5......I haven't heard anything worth listening to overnight at 1030
>> since Steve L left.

It is true that keeping overnights live and local is a very popular move 
for WBZ, and the public seems to expect it (remember all the furor that 
erupted when they briefly tried to offer syndicated programming and get 
rid of Steve a while back?).  That said, as a friend of Dean Johnson for 
many years, I am sorry he did not get the gig, but as a second-wave 
feminist, I am happy to see a woman finally get a talk show on WBZ, 
which has never, to my knowledge, had a local female talk show host... 
local news anchors and reporters, yes, but local talk shows have been 
mainly hosted by men.

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