Jen Brien gets WBZ (AM)'s overnight gig five nights a week for the next year (at least)

Bob Nelson
Wed Jun 26 10:07:05 EDT 2013

What about Jordan Rich though? This weekend he had the bands Bird Mancini
and Gracie Curran and the Highfalutin Band, and a great interview with the
author of a book on Bob and Ray. Then there are his movie and TV nights.

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> Why doesn't CBS just save money and shut the transmitter off from
> 12-5......I haven't heard anything worth listening to overnight at 1030
> since Steve L left.
> -g
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> next year (at least)
> So she announced on last night's program (Wednesday AM 6/26). This raises
> the question of whether Morgan White Jr and Bradley Jay, each of whom had
> been doing one night a week for the last several months (while Brien did
> three nights per week and Jordan Rich did the other two nights), have any
> future as air talent on AM 1030.
> I guess Brien's right-wing credentials qualified her for the job; it's
> clear
> from last night's calls that, like the callers to AM-radio talk shows
> nationwide, the audience for WBZ's overnight program is overwelmingly older
> and very conservative. (That is, nearly all of the callers get their
> political views from the Tea Party crowd that controls the US House and
> most
> state governments--albeit not that of Massachusetts.) IMO, Brien should
> stick to her strong suit, which is light banter of no real consequence. She
> has demonstrated that she is not well informed about the deeper subjects
> and
> appears to have little interest in ensuring that the accusations she hurls
> at people whose opinions differ from her own are based on fact.
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