Bruce Bradley Has Passed

Martin Waters
Tue Jun 25 21:26:10 EDT 2013

  He was one of the best -- great on-air humor. His jokes were simple on the surface for we who were teenagers, but often had another, more sophisticated level. He helped raise my humor IQ. I met him one muggy summer night around 1965 at the end of his show from the sundeck studio at Paragon. Park in Nantasket. Seeing that I was a hopeless radio wannabe, his comment was, in essence, Kid, it ain't all glamor and fame and wealth; ain't necessarily all it's cracked up to be. So, in his early 30's then, he also was a wise man. :)) Then he got into his not-necessarily-brand-new VW Beetle and headed home -- perhaps thinking about what he'd be doing on his ONE day off that week from laboring in the Group W vineyards. RIP.
--Marty Waters, still hoping to firnd my Bruce Bradley Beach Boy Club membership card, No. 35

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