Globe says Touch 106 FM is "a one time pirate station"?!?!?

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jun 5 16:04:34 EDT 2013

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 >The Globe's Adrian Walker referred to Touch 106 FM as a "onetime" pirate >radio station. Another person trying to give it legitimacy or just plain >ignorance? > >D
It's odd that I can't view the entire article at's website, but it's available through your link.
Anyway, I tend to give "civilians" a little slack about the comparative fine points of the radio industry.
It's true that "Touch 106.1" is STILL an unlicensed facility but a general reporter or columnist may
not realize it and MAY even listen to the station oh his her her personal radios. My favorite goof
by a media reporter who didn't know the workings of AM radio was former Globe writer Mark Jurkowitz
who, when commenting about "Progressive Talk" when it was on AM 1430 in Medford/Everett (now WKOX-AM),
called it a daytime-only station. Of course AM 1430 was, and is, full-time but with reduced power
and a directional antenna at night on a crowded, noisy frequency. If he listened to it on a winter's
day at about 4:30 pm, it just flat-out disappeared and he didn't know why. 
Also, some writers about radio at bothe Globe and the Herald in the past got REALLY confused about
FM ERPs vis a vis antenna height. One day they'd refer to WXKS-FM 107.9 as a 21,000-watt station 
not knowing it transmits from atop The Pru, and the nominal power equivalent of 50K @492 feet.
Then they turn around and GIVE the equivalent power but get it slightly wrong. WBUR-FM
was once called a 40,000-watt station. At the time it was running 7,500 watts at 1000 feet,
now 12, they got 40,000 watts out of that I couldn't quite figure out.

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