No Rating At All For WEEI-AM?

Bill O'Neill
Tue Jul 16 14:13:04 EDT 2013

Bob Nelson, For you recommend Elliot's book?

Bill O'

Bob Nelson <> wrote:
>The ratings couldn't have been combined as the AM and FM had separate
>programming. I think when 850 and 93.7 simulcast they were combined and
>had to be a 100 per cent simulcast, right? Did they stop paying for the
>ratings, who knows.
>btw a new book I'm reading about Bob and Ray talks about the days when
>was lic. originally to Gloucester, doing fish reports (read by Bob
>who would soon meet Mr. Goulding) and Henry Morgan joked the calls
>for We Handle Dead Haddock. Soon the station got a better signal with a
>stick closer to Boston, etc.--and the rights to the Braves (home games)
>Red Sox. The historic day Jackie Robinson first played for the Dodgers
>WOULD have been on Boston radio--only the game wasn't at Braves Field.
>course our expert friend Donna Halper is credited for help on radio
>matters. The 850 frequency would for years, off and on, carry Boston
>baseball (these days maybe they only do ESPN Sun Night Baseball and
>playoff games), and in earlier days "Matinee with Bob and Ray" was
>preceding it, etc. And now, they do carry ESPN which is good for those
>want their talk shows, or occasional play by play, etc. But no ratings,
>least not in the demos
>Visited Pittsburgh and Cleveland; in the former, 93.7 KDKA-FM was nice
>strong for Pirates games. CBS has "The Fan" at 92.3 which has signal
>issues; a move to 98.5 (ironic) would help them. CBS did land Browns
>for the Fan. (Years ago I had Ken Coleman's book So You Want To Be a
>Sportscaster and it talked about his work doing Browns games. Both
>and his some Ken "Casey ("KC")" Coleman Jr.  have since passed on.
>On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 3:13 AM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
>> I am guessing Entercom stopped paying for 850 ratings - they had been
>> showing an 0.4
>> Entercom is finding out that 93.7 has MAJOR holes on the south shore
>> 103.7 doesn't help them.
>> Switching 97.7 to WEEI would solve the signal hole - but how badly
>> that hurt WAAF?
>> CBS rolled the dice 4 years ago by putting sports on 98.5 instead of
>> knowing 98.5 has a solid signal in Rhode Island. The gamble worked.
>> You have 4 clusters in Boston and 3 of them are doing
>> fine...........Entercom has issues. ( CC, CBS and GM are healthy )
>> On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 2:30 AM, Garrett Wollman
>> >wrote:
>> > <<On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 00:46:12 -0400, A Joseph Ross <
>> > said:
>> >
>> > > Could the ratings for WEEI-AM have been combined with ratings for
>> > > WEEI-FM?  How many who were called and asked what station they
>> > > listening to know the difference?
>> >
>> > Ratings haven't been done like that in many, many years.
>> >
>> > -GAWollman
>> >
>> >

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