WBUR's L-O-N-G Station ID

Ed Hennessy ehennessy@verizon.net
Wed Feb 27 07:27:17 EST 2013

Back in the late '80s when I ran the board on weekends at 990 WLKW, the AM was running separate automation and its own spot load (though probably the same ones in the same rotation) from the FM, which was more fully 'live.' The AM automation only ran the reel-to-reel machines. I started and stopped the reel system and ran the spots and IDs. I had carts of slogan IDs from the on-air FM announcers, which ran out of the spots and back into automation during breaks. I'd just match those to whomever was on the FM that day. IIRC, none of them were legal IDs, though.

Near the top of the hour, I'd pot down the AM music/automation at a logical break and pot up the FM audio to run over 990's air as well. The FM announcer would do the ID live for both AM and FM, and when he finished the top of the hour stuff (weather, spots, a bit of chatter) and went back to music, I'd re-start the AM automation for the next hour. 

I forget the actual wording used in the ID, though.  I think it may have given both calls separately, like "990 AM WLKW Providence, 101.5 WLKW-FM Providence."

Ed Hennessy

 On 02/26/13, Paul B. Walker, Jr.<walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com> wrote:
Back when the WDRC-AM Network was running music, the jock on the air had
seperate ID's recorded for each station.. I remember hearing Jack Carney do
a stand alone WMMW Meriden ID and a WWCO Waterbury ID.


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