WBZ Weather on the 10s no more

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Feb 26 13:51:35 EST 2013

You know, there's nothing impossible about having Weather on the Tens and
Traffic and Weather Together on the Threes... in the same hour... Every
hour... Just means that, after the weather part of Traffic and Weather on
the Threes, you've gotta wait six or so minutes for the next weather. It's
really quite similar to what WBZ has been doing for years, except they have
been running Weather on the Five's in addition to the advertised Weather on
the Tens. The weather on the five's is voiced by the local news voices; the
weather on the tens is voiced by the Accu-Weather folks in State College PA.

(I can't figure out why 1200's 24/7 Comedy has no weather. They DO have
traffic. I figure that there are at least as many people who care about the
weather as care about the traffic. Why would weather be a tune-out in an
all-comedy format? Who was in the focus group that decided on no weather?
Cave dwellers? Even cave dwellers would be likely to care about flood

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> Keith Lavon wrote:
>> WTOP in Washington DC is also Traffic & Weather Together on the 3's.
> WTOP is traffic/weather at :08.
> WNEW-FM in DC is traffic at :01 and weather is billed as every four
> minutes (when in reality it's sometimes two or three).

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