WBUR's L-O-N-G Station ID

Jim Hall aerie.ma@comcast.net
Tue Feb 26 09:22:27 EST 2013

I've always wondered why AM stations seem content to be identified by their
call letters, but many FM stations seem embarrassed to even say them once an
hour. So we have WRKO, WEEI, and WBZ proclaiming their call letters every
couple of minutes, but on FM we have AMP and Kiss and Jam'n and Mix and we
only hear the call letters when the government requires it. Even when WTKK
was a talk station, for a long time their official ID was the two whispering
females that could barely be heard. And aside from 1510 and 1150, stations
on AM seem to keep their call letters indefinitely, whereas on FM they
change them like most people change their undies. I am really surprised that
103.3 has not yet changed their call letters.

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