WBUR's L-O-N-G Station ID

Blaine Thompson irw@well.com
Tue Feb 26 07:30:26 EST 2013

I don't know if the FCC ever cited WGTZ.  The text is a little different than what Don wrote, but he has the right idea.

If you want to hear for yourself, here's how WGTZ sounded in its heyday: http://www.tophour.com/audio/Dayton%20OH/fm0929_1996-06_wgtz_bthompson.mp3

(RIP Keith Eubanks...)

- Blaine

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On 2/25/2013 4:23 PM, Don wrote:

> Wasn't there a citation for the station in Ohio that would identify as: "WGTZ Eaton (eatin') Dayton Alive!"
> Or was that an old wives tale?  ;-)

I doubt it was so, if "WGTZ EATON" was itself a legal ID.  I've always 
heard that whatever came before or after the legal ID didn't matter.


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