Another amusing faux pas

Jim Hall
Fri Feb 15 17:05:31 EST 2013

You basically can't avoid them if you want to take a cruise: they own
Cunard, Holland America, Princess, P&O, and Seabourn among others. I think
one of the few alternatives is NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines).

>>What does it mean to "offset" a news story? Deny it? Spin it in the
advertiser's favor? Every time I've heard the >>Carnival story in the last
~48 hours, I've heard an actuality or at least a quote from Carnival's CEO's
apology to his >>victims--I mean customers. Regardless, everything I've
heard about Carnival suggests that it richly deserves to go >>bankrupt and
be placed under new management. Why did it take a ton of bad publicity
before any attempt was made to >>ameliorate the horrible conditions? It
should have been possible to get a medium-sized boat loaded with
port-a-potties >>out to the stranded cruise ship. Cruise ships must have
hoists capable of lifting objects that weigh a few hundred >>pounds from the
deck of a smaller boat up to the deck of the larger vessel.


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