kinda OT, surprized & fooled me

Robert Sutherland
Thu Feb 14 21:02:18 EST 2013

A friend posted a photo in Facebook (ugh) of what I
thought was an AM tower with a unreasonably thick and wide
flat top (thinking top-loading).  I got all excited,
thinking I had learned of a AM tower historical site
I hadn't known existed.
  Photo is from "Garden Acupuncture" in Brooklyn (sorry I don't
have a URL for that pix). I wrote them, and learned it is on
Coney Island, researched further and realized is not an AM tower,
but a 262' Parachute jump, built for 1939 NYC World's Fair,
then moved to Coney Island; currently defunct as a ride,
but is a significant local landmark!

FWIW, Wikipedia quotes coords as 40.57301 ,73.984407
  = 40:34:22.8, 73:59:03.9  ~where Beach 59th St meets Broadway.

  Wikipedia pictures: (#2 best)

 Some excellent photos (of top grid-work) can be found in:

 for history, etc, see:

I'll bet many of BRI members already knew of it, but I will
accept laughs at my expense. (or laughs with me).

Bob Sutherland

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