Boston radio and school closing/delay announcements

Donna Halper
Wed Feb 13 20:45:00 EST 2013

Scott wrote--
> And of course in the case of a storm like the one New England just 
> experienced, do you really NEED anyone to tell you there's no school 
> in your particular district? Once the governor has banned travel, it's 
> pretty much a given that everything's cancelled, isn't it?

Yes, but it still saddens me to hear about all the smaller market 
stations that are now automated and have no local staff.  THAT is where 
it used to make sense to super-serve the audience and give school 
closings, hyper-local news, and every other piece of info like where the 
snow-plows are (and where they need to be).  When people were without 
power or when there was a crisis situation, it was nice to be able to 
count on your local station.  But alas, so many of those local stations 
no longer serve their community... and yet they still get to keep their 

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