Is WBOQ only now at full power

Laurence Glavin
Mon Feb 4 15:52:22 EST 2013

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 >Looking at the old vs new WBOQ coverage maps, while the tower moved >inland.. it also moved several miles north and west. .which would account >for the signal in the Boston area getting worse.  If you visit the's page devoted to FM radio facilities, you'll see a "HAAT Calculator" doodad. WBOQ's
 average HAAT over 360 degrees is 98 meters, a skosh under 100 m, or 322 feet. But the radials at
 degree-points toward Boston drop off to as low as the mid 70s, perhaps partly due to the hills you see
 in Medford and such as (home to the old WEEI-103.3 FM tower years ago, then WFNX for a while). The
 directional antenna diminution in that direction is as low as .500 as well. But they're saying some day
 that may change.

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