Is WBOQ only now at full power

Peter Q. George
Mon Feb 4 14:59:23 EST 2013

Personally, they had a better signal at the old site.  We used to get WBOQ quite well on the South Shore, thanks in part to that nice water path from Cape Ann to the South Shore.  Except for the area near the Back Bay (WRBB), WBOQ had a fairly decent signal practically up to Manchester, NH.  It think that this might be another WAAF scenario....  trying to aim their sights to the lucrative Boston market, instead of trying to super-serve the old coverage area.  I think that they'd better off using the old site.  It did very well for those many years.  They don't hit the South Shore anymore.  It's a great sounding format.  Too bad we don't get it anymore. *sigh*

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
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Hate to say it but WBOQ-FM signal and especially the audio are much wimpier from Salem, NH down to Melrose, audio is extremely thin.
Gloucester audio was top notch and I think the signal was a bit stronger.
Speaking of audio what the hell is going on at WRKO these days....distortion city, very odd artifacts, a real TSL killer. Has it deteriorated into a  lights on no one home situation. WRKO had exceptional audio until a few weeks ago. Is no one paying attention?

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