"Boston's Real Jazz" WZBR 1410 on air

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Thu Dec 26 10:06:55 EST 2013

I could be way wrong about the approximate straight-line distance from 
WZBR's Readville site to my house in Arlington Heights (I've been using 10 
miles as the approximate distance), but even if 10 miles is way wrong, the 
distance from Readville to Arlington Heights has gotta be way greater than 
the distance from Readville to any point in Dorchester. If WZBR's signal in 
Dorchester is sometimes unlistenable and the station was using its permitted 
(610W) daytime power at the times when the signal in Dorchester was reported 
to be unlistenable, it seems unlikely that the poor signal could be blamed 
on anomalous ground conditions between Readville and Arlington.

However, if the poor signal in Dorchester were the result of (say) testing 
the 30W nighttime signal during daylight hours, it could explain the reports 
of unlistenable signals in both Dorchester and Arlington. I guess we need to 
wait until a license to cover has been granted to see whether the signal 

Also, Langer has a history of increasing the power of his new stations based 
on measured soil conductivity. If the 610W power was based on the FCC's M-3 
soil-conductivity maps, he may well be planning to apply for a power 
increase after he receives a license and measures the signal strength along 
critical radials (such as those between Readville and Wellington Circle).

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> Dan Strassberg wrote;
> "WZBR's horrible signal up here in Arlington Heights
> has been blamed on anomalous ground conditions, but I don't believe that,
> along the radials that point this way (roughly true north, IIRC), the 
> signal
> comes close to the specified ID field."
> The signal in Dorchester:
> -- Around 4-5 a.m. one day last week: Unlistenable.
> -- About 8:30 a.m. that same morning: Listenable, little to no noise 
> underneath it.

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