"Boston's Real Jazz" WZBR 1410 on air

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When operated at 1200 kHz or above and a ground system that consists of 120 
1/4-wavelength ground radials, 75' Valcom whips are supposed to meet FCC 
efficiency requirements (inverse-distance field of 281.4 mV/m/kW) for 
standard AM radiators. I have a feeling, however, that that prediction may 
be a bit optimisitic. WZBR's horrible signal up here in Arlington Heights 
has been blamed on anomalous ground conditions, but I don't believe that, 
along the radials that point this way (roughly true north, IIRC), the signal 
comes close to the specified ID field.

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> At 04:50 AM 12/24/2013, Sean Smyth wrote:
>>How efficient/effective are longwire antennas vs. standard towers at the 
>>same frequency/power level?
> Not very, which is why the Commission allows them for STAs only.
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