WCAP's "non-get-out-ability"

Mark Connelly markwa1ion@aol.com
Thu Dec 19 17:33:11 EST 2013

Pattern if aimed towards the Cape would be SE not SW.  Anyway the WCAP 
signal here in South Yarmouth is poor during the day (slammed by slop 
 from 970 WZAN) and non-existent at night.  In the evening I used to be 
able to get reasonable pieces of the oldies music and Dick Summer's 
midnight talk show (better in the summer when skip is short).  Now WOFX 
Troy, NY is dominant with WTEM Washington, DC a bit under, along with 
assorted stations from Cuba and South America.  Soon a Montreal station 
will be coming on to jumble up 980 a bit more.

WCAP 5 kW night was acceptable down I-93 into the Stoneham area but now 
I suspect that they barely get into Billerica before getting bothered 
by WOFX.

Mark Connelly
South Yarmouth, MA

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 From what has been noted here, WCAP has been operating on its 1 kW 
back-up. The issue with them is it is not ND at 1 kW but is feeding the 
same pattern that their licensed 5 kW.  In full power, the signal days 
is fairly ND while the night is 'practically' a shotgun aiming SW with 
serious signal aiming to the cape and nearly flea power aiming 10 miles 
into NH at night. Cut back to 1 kW, it's not just weaker signal but 
also very questionable audio quality going through it.   It appears to 
have been in this status for a number of months. Very odd that they 
would find that acceptable, in effect only serving Lowell and 
contiguous towns. 

Bill O'Neill
(WCAP Alum)

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> Subject: WCAP's "non-get-out-ability"
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> Maybe this has already been mentioned: WCAP 980 Lowell seems to have 
> signal that would more like a power level of 1 kW than 5 kW.
> Today (about 2 p.m.) I checked it when I was on I-93 near the 
> Square mall in Somerville.  It was only at equal level to adjacent 
> WZAN Portland, ME.
> I remember it being better than that.
> Mark Connelly
> South Yarmouth, MA

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