recent FCC actions

Garrett Wollman
Wed Dec 18 13:26:44 EST 2013

<<On Wed, 18 Dec 2013 08:01:14 -0500, Michael <> said:

> I noticed that TBS was fined
> $25,000 last month for a television ad that simulated EAS sounds to grab
> viewer attention. Apparently a radio station in Kentucky may have done
> something along the same lines back in 2012 and has suffered penalties because
> of it. Interesting.

There's a rule that specifically targets "attention-getting noises".
Unfortunately, the text of the rule only says "see this Commission
order from the 1970s" so I don't know what the precise contours are.

The FCC has two ways of making policy: they can go through the
standard notice-and-comment rulemaking process, or they can do it
through adjudication.  A number of "broadcast nuisance" rules are
written like this -- "you can't do what we said you couldn't do in
this decision back in 1967."


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