recent FCC actions

Wed Dec 18 08:01:14 EST 2013

I hadn't checked out the
recent infractions and penalties section of the FCC site in quite a while, but
after Kevin's post, I thought I'd look around. 


I noticed that TBS was fined
$25,000 last month for a television ad that simulated EAS sounds to grab
viewer attention. Apparently a radio station in Kentucky may have done
something along the same lines back in 2012 and has suffered penalties because
of it. Interesting.


It also seems that despite
what is going on in the Boston area, other regional FCC offices have been
shutting down a few "pirate" operators. Also in some regions, tower
fencing seems to be getting a lot of attention from the FCC.


Oh, was the WMJX contest
violation ($4000 fine handed down back in February) ever discussed here? It
might have been, and I just missed it.




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