Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 00:54:22 EST 2013

The deception that WXKS-FM (KISS 108) pulled on Saturday night at TD Garden
keeps getting worse. Not only did they tell people at TD that Miley Cyrus
was backstage - they also said so to their listeners and promoted the fact
they would hear her live to keep listeners hooked.

WXKS-FM is owned by Clear Channel so even if the FCC decides their was
deception they would simply pay the fine out of petty cash. Maybe it is
time to send a message - instead of a fine, revoke Clear Channel's license,
not only for WXKS-FM but every other signal they control in Boston. (94.5,
101.7, 1200 and 1430.

There were heartbroken fans at TD but the contract of the ticket states no
refunds if scheduled acts don't appear. However Miley tweeted she was stuck
at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Clear Channel couldn't have rented a
nice luxury bus to make the trip?????

In any event telling the listeners that she was there was an outright lie
on the public airwaves.

Revoking their licenses in the Boston cluster would send shockwaves through
the industry that group owners are accountable.


 Let's assume Miley wanted to party in Manhattan after Friday's show at
MSG. But the storm was a known issue and CC simply should have 'asked'
(demanded) she fly to Boston. (everybody else made it) But Miley not
appearing is NOT the issue - telling the ticketholders at TD and the
listeners on 107.9 that she was there IS.

WXKS-FM is one of the most profitable stations Clear Channel owns - it is
time the Friendly Candy Company shows some spine.


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