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Wed Dec 4 11:22:19 EST 2013

Bradley Jay does have the distinction of being the last DJ on WBCN in 2009
when they went off the air at 104.1. I was down in Jackson, MS at the time
and recorded the "end" (but later deleted it) via my netbook/streaming
(remembering of course the one hour time difference). A day or so later,
WBMX moved to 104.1 as WBZ-FM 98.5 made its debut.
WBCN went 'digital only" though the calls later wound up- on an AM station
in Charlotte, NC. A description of the "end of WBCN" can be found on the
WBCN (FM) page on Wikipedia.

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> How far the once mighty WBZ has fallen.....
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> Thanks; no change yet on the WBZ site schedule page but I'm sure it'll come
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> > Looks like Bradley Jay has overnights on 'BZ.  The promos are now "Jay
> > Talking with Bradley Jay" with the news at 5 with Joe Mathieu
> > "Following Jay Talking with Bradley Jay."
> > Certainly took a while for the decision.
> >
> > Paul
> > Sandwich
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