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A move to the former WCOP site would be expensive and tricky. You're talking
about a triplex (1150, 1470, and 740). Although the tall tower (once, 100.7)
is insulated at the base, it has no ground system. A ground system for 740
surrounding that tower would occupy a lot of land and would cost big $$$.
Also, getting 1470 to work acceptably from that site was a major challenge;
the work took WAY longer than expected because of interference from 50-kW-U
1510, which is less than two miles away. In addition, WJIB would be moving
to a much less densely populated area, destroying the major advantage of the
Fresh Pond site.

But if none of that were to be considered, a big advantage of the Lexington
site would be the ability to use one of the AM towers in conjunction with
the tall tower to directionalize the night signal away from the Canadian
border, enabling a significant increase in night power (probably to 20W or
more). However, it has never been demonstrated that, using the 1150/1470
site, WJIB could deliver the requisite 5 mV/m daytime to 80% of Cambridge or
that the night power increase from the more distant (from Cambridge) site
would cover as much of the population of Cambridge as does the existing 5W
signal from the Fresh Pond site.

BTW, at my location, near the top of Belmont Hill about a mile northeast of
the 1150/1470 site, WJIB's existing 5W night signal is free of interference
from CFZM (or whatever the calls) on quite a few nights.

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> Bob
> Given the ridiculous rent you are paying at 443 Concord Ave, have you
> considered moving the transmitter to the old WCOP ( now WWDJ ) site in
> Lexington? (is that even feasible?)
> I live in Inman Sq ( facing east ) and I have to turn receiver around to
> null Toronto.
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>> I have  only recently become acquainted with Helen Shapiro's music in the
>> last year  (along with Matt Monro and Kathy Kirby). It is too bad there's
>> not
>> a place for  that kind of music on radio today.
>> ------------------
>> WJIB and WJTO play LOTS of Matt Monro's music....   and an  occasional
>> Shapiro song when egged on by a certain Cape Codder!    :-)
>> ---jibguy

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