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>A long term staffer at WODS told me that the station died because the >CBS/Boston sales staff (which is 100% commission ) had no clue how to sell >to an older demo. ...................(inserting symbols because during a blue moon, mail.com collapses replies to the original post. Weird. I was monitoring WUFC-AM's streaming audio to see if they were running their locally-produced noontime show or picking up Yahoo! sports radio. The answer: Yahoo! sports radio for some reason. (Quizzical question: does high-profile Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer even know that Yahoo! sports radio exists? With satellite all-sports pretty much covered by experienced broadcasters like CBS, Fox and NBC to mixed results, why fighht this battle against such entrenched opposition? Yahoo! sports radio apparently was a venture by previous managment who picked up the Sporting News publication and radio network, far from the website's core competency). Any way, WUFC-AM now running a help-wanted spot for sales reps, almost certainly 100% commission too. WUFC-AM has already dropped its morniong drive local show; has their midday show been jettisoned too, or are the hosts on vacay as a poster to the bostonradiowatch has suggested? How would one sell a station wiith no ratings, no callers to its few local shows, in a market where satellite all-sports is a failure on a better signal, WEEI-AM?

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