Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Wed Aug 21 02:22:11 EDT 2013

<<On Wed, 21 Aug 2013 00:49:14 -0400 (EDT), Mark Connelly <markwa1ion@aol.com> said:

> DJ's had personality whether it was MoR Carl DeSuze and Jess Cain or
> rockers like Laquidara, Sartori, and Garabedian.  There was wit in
> the talk and genuine interest in the music.  I don't see why a
> natural desire for mentally-engaging radio, whether in a music or a
> talk format, would be considered snobbery.

And today, unlike forty years ago, we have actual market research that
demonstrates that *this is not what the majority of listeners want*.
(Or if they do want that, they are listening to noncommercial radio of
various sorts already, and probably not reachable by any commercial
station.)  Not only that, we have minute-by-minute PPM records that
can actually show the listeners tuning out when an unfamiliar song or
a mic set or a stop set starts.


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