More changes at WERS

A Joseph Ross
Wed Aug 21 00:25:49 EDT 2013

On 8/20/2013 7:27 AM, Mark Watson wrote:

> A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>> I hope it isn't a move to take over the station the >way Boston 
>> University did many years ago with WBUR.
> I wonder if any of the students at Emerson will organize a group to 
> protest the changes. I recall several years ago when WUML Lowell 
> partnered with the Lowell Sun for a news and information morning show 
> plus the plan to have a talk show with Christopher Lydon produced 
> there. Many students and alumni of U Mass Lowell (and U Lowell/Lowell 
> Tech alums too) who worked/enjoyed WUML/WLTI spoke up about these 
> changes and the fear of losing those hours and more. Both the morning 
> show and the Lydon show didn't last too long and for now all is well 
> at WUML. Only person who remained on the U Mass Lowell payroll from 
> that fiasco is Bob Ellis, the morning show host. After the show ended, 
> he became the assistant sports press relations person and still calls 
> U Mass Lowell hockey games on WUML (also simulcast on WCAP) as he has 
> for several years.

I'm glad to hear that it worked out so well for WUML.  Ever since I 
heard about the original takeover attempt, I've wondered what would 
happen if UMass ever tried to take over WMUA.  I suspect that WMUA and 
UMass Amherst alums would rise to the challenge, but I hope the occasion 
never arises.

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