seeking an unbiased opinion about country music radio
Fri Aug 9 18:55:18 EDT 2013

Here would be my answer Donna: -A female audience is driving the number. The "attraction" of a country music star is the appeal. The Tall, Blue Jean strapping guy that says "please and thank you" and "loves his momma". As for the female singers, it's the "girl next door" but she is strong, independent and grounded.You don't see to many female stars living a "Britney Spears" lifestyles. That's the "Sell." The audience also really "listens to the words" of the songs as well. The stories the songs tell people can relate to and "attach" themselves to songs and make it theirs. -It's the "IN" thing now. All you need to say is "Countryfest" at Foxboro Stadium and EVERYONE wants to be there whether you like country music or not. It's just like going to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. There are people there that wouldn't know what DH stands for. It's a see and be seen thing! - The new Hip-Hop and Rap just isn't good right now! A hand full of new songs and that's it. That is why HOT 96.9 is doing so well in it's category. When there is nothing good that has come out within the past 6 months, you resort to playing the "Old School" songs that have the track record.
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