Digital TV reception
Wed Aug 7 16:23:22 EDT 2013

COFDM is far superior to what the US uses and there were hearings and  
tests at the Rayburn building prior to rollout. The only reason  we have the 
system in the US we have today is purely political. It was  developed by Zenith 
when it was a US company and then sold to Korea. Probably  why the US and 
ROK are the only countries that use it. COFDM is used almost  exclusively for 
STLs, ENG, Wireless cameras, etc in the US why is  that?  The point is mute.
The original plan was for the TV stations to build a second DTV station and 
 then migrate back to their original VHF channel so that the UHF bandwidth 
could  be auctioned off. In most cases that didn't happen and many consumers 
still  believe that VHF channel 2 is still on VHF channel 2 rather than on 
a UHF  channel. 
I watch OTA HD from my place in North Jersey but I have a direct line of  
sight to Empire and even then there is audio and video breakup.
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don't  know if the any of the other transmission methods are better. But 
now,  it's a mute point. The present OTA system works very well, IF you are 
near  the transmitter. The BIG problem is that the stations' power limits 
were  cut down so far that many suburban, rural, and even urban areas 
get  a reliable signal. Many cannot get any signal, yet were able to with  

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