Could WFNX go talk? WGST returns June 3, all syndicated with Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey | Radio & TV Talk |

Thu Apr 25 01:34:55 EDT 2013

>>> And they
>>> can sell WEDX in a package with Kiss and Jam'n,
>> Buyers don't care about pairings.
> Doesn't matter; the point is that a single sales staff can sell them.
> They're targeting many of the same clients.

And Ruth's Chris' could sell frankfurters on their menu too with the same 

Doesn't mean it would be a good use of their time, resources and talent.

>> BTW...Do you really think Hannity and Beck are "second tier"?
> OK, third tier talent.

OK...Who are the "first tier" talent of syndicated talk?

Hannity and Beck (along with Limbaugh) are near or at the top for syndicated 

> If they were worth having, somebody would be clearing them now.

Is that the "if anything is worth doing, someone else would be doing it" 

There are a lot of reasons why someone would not be doing it, one reason is
that getting them cleared in Boston would not be a priority for anyone else 
as it
might be for Clear Channel.

Again, what it comes down to is how important is it for people at CC
Corporate to get these cleared.  Corporate broadcasters have been forcing
crap on their local stations for a long time.  It wouldn't be the first 

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