Could WFNX go talk? WGST returns June 3, all syndicated with Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey | Radio & TV Talk |

D. A.
Wed Apr 24 21:23:28 EDT 2013

> They've already tried talk on a signal that doesn't reach
> the suburbs,

Yes, but that was on AM.  There hasn't been a successful launch of anything on AM since sports...and what was that?  20 years ago?

> and I don't expect them to throw good money after bad when
> they can do
> something that is (a) cheap, (b) targeted to the audience
> the signal
> actually serves, and (c) cheap.  Not to mention (d)
> cheap.  

Airing syndicated talk is one of the cheapest things they can do.  

> And they
> can sell WEDX in a package with Kiss and Jam'n, 

Buyers don't care about pairings.  Been tried before and buyers simply take them apart to analyze the buy.  right now no one is buying 101.7 and no one will pay a premium to get it.

>> Maybe if WEVX eventually fails.  

It's already failed.  

After all the analysis, the decision is really made back at the corperate level.  And it all comes down to how much urgency is there to get their programs cleared.  

BTW...Do you really think Hannity and Beck are "second tier"?

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