Could WFNX go talk? WGST returns June 3, all syndicated with Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey | Radio & TV Talk |

Garrett Wollman
Wed Apr 24 18:59:30 EDT 2013

<<On Wed, 24 Apr 2013 23:55:40 +0200 (CEST), said:

> You probably mean WEDX, evolution 101.7.  Last I heard WFNX calls
> were headed to 99.9 in Athol, simulcasting the River. Well if
> Evolution flops maybe. 101.7 not a full market signal but does well
> within 128..  And outside, CC has talkers in NH, Worc. and RI

The problem with talk on 101.7 hasn't changed: it simply doesn't go
where the conservatalk audience is.  You might be able to squeeze
another mile or two out of it if you turned off the stereo pilot, but
not enough to make a difference in Woburn or Dedham or Westford.
They've already tried talk on a signal that doesn't reach the suburbs,
and I don't expect them to throw good money after bad when they can do
something that is (a) cheap, (b) targeted to the audience the signal
actually serves, and (c) cheap.  Not to mention (d) cheap.  And they
can sell WEDX in a package with Kiss and Jam'n, whereas trying to make
any sort of local sales for a talk format would require a dedicated
staff (not to mention programming that people actually wanted to
listen to).

Clearing lots of second-tier Premiere conservatalk will get them a 0.1
rating, additional expense, and zero incremental revenue.  Clear
Channel is not going to give up even the small amount of revenue they
get, on a signal they paid big bucks for, in exchange for an even
smaller amount of revenue in a different reporting segment of the


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