Fw: Contract "Employees" On Full-Power Major Market FM

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> WOR (recently purchased by CCU), one of New York's premiere AMs, has
> depended on brokered time since I was a little kid in the Bronx, 70 years
> ago. Carleton Fredericks and Martha Deane (later known by her real name,
> Mary-Margaret McBride, on other NYC-licensed 50-kW AMs) were just two of
> the
> personalities who purchased time from WOR, where they were mainstays of
> the
> schedule. In fact, I believe that what is alleged to have been the very
> first commercial program anywhere was brokered time. From what I've read,
> it
> aired 91 years ago in 1922 on WEAF (now WFAN), which was then owned by
> AT&T. The program was a half-hour commercial for real-estate. I would not
> be
> surprised if a Web search would yield the name of the real-estate broker
> and
> the name and location of the property.
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>> Several radio sites have reported on a threesome called "Rob, Arnie and
>> Dawn" who were suspended by
>> Entercom-owned KRXQ-FM in Sacramento, Ca.

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