Rhode Island names and other odd naming conventions

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>>> Back to 128, anyone old enough to remember when 128 continued on the South Shore to Nantasket (hence the current 228 when they stopped 128 at Braintree in the early 1960s) I BARELY remember it and only because I did have an Aunt and Uncle in Hingham at the time.
>> I'm surprised the traffic reporters don't still call that section "128" then.  It makes as much sense as calling I-93 south of Boston "The Expressway" since there are no signs indicating it as such, or the part of I-93 from Canton to Braintree "128".
> On the subject of roads, etc., does anyone know what the signs that I've seen along I-93 and on surface roads around I-93 in Boston containing the letters HC inside a green circle are?  And also the signs containing the same letters inside a red circle-slash?
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