WUFC 1510 hires Pete Sheppard

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu Apr 18 16:29:11 EDT 2013

Does anyone know for sure that Sheppard is now employed by WUFC? He might be
buying the time from the station and hoping to be able to find sponsors that
will pay for the air-time plus enough extra that he can pay himself a modest
salary. I would say that the chances of his leasing the time (vs. drawing a
salary from the station) are about even. North of 1200 on the Boston AM dial
(and at assorted spots below), leased time is pretty much THE way of life.

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>>Former WEEI host Pete Sheppard will be on WUFC AM 1510 starting next
>> >Monday, 3-6 pm weekdays. He is on the air right now with Boston Diehards
>> >and said he feels sorry for his friends at "the other place", WEEI 
>> >(which
>> >he had quit) and feels very positively about his new employer. Of 
>> >course.
> There's a famous "Twilight Zone" episode that ends with the Sebastian
> Cabot character telling the
> Larry Blyden character :"this IS the other place!". I hope WUFC doesn't
> fall into such a negative
> connotation.

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