WCAP At Reduced Pwer

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Thu Apr 11 14:45:11 EDT 2013

I have no way of determining if WPLM-AM is running at reduced power, but up here in the Merrimack Valley,
Lowell's WCAP-AM 980 certainly is. Any time I've checked, it's been broadcasting although some people
have reported elsewhere that it's been off-the-air from time to time. WCAP used t be authrized to
operate with 1,000 wats non-directional days, and it used to have a pre-sunrise power of about 110 watts.
Their website says that "the transmitter may be down" but people have the alternative of listening
online. It's possible I suppose that they're using an auxiliary transmitter into one tower, just as WDER-AM
1320 in Derry, NH did during the winter. WCAP comes in with close to the signal strength it always had
during the day where I live, but it's nowhere near normal at night.

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