URI shooting scare

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>I have to shake my head in disbelief, both WCVB-TV and WBZ-TV reported >and are still reporting URI as being in Kingston rather than >Kingstown, RI. Its astounding that two major market TV stations would >misidentify and continue to misidentify a community 55-60 miles from >Boston. >I would think most people would quickly realize that the University >of Rhode Island isn't in Kingston, Massachusetts. >Saying Kingston, Rhode Island seems redundant given the context. >-Shawn
During the noon newscast on WBZ-AM today, Friday 03/05, there was a story about a controversy involving the
Police Chief of New London, NH. But the headliner ATOH just said "Police Chief in New London", the cutaway
by the anchor to the reporter just said "Police Chief in New London". Then the reporter announced that he
was reporting for some reason from Concord, NH. If you asked a hundred people from the area where New London is,
a high percentage would answer, Connecticut, you know the sumarine base near there (actually in Groton, which
could lead to more confusion). That's why I'm glad I live in the ONLY METHUEN IN THE WORLD.
If you enter "Methuen" at weather.com. it defaults to Methuen, MA USA and nowhere else.

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