Could this be the end of broadcasting as we know it?

Ken VanTassell
Tue Apr 9 07:31:31 EDT 2013

I think this is an idle threat by the networks. What is so bad about aereo
from the broadcasters perspective ? You can only see the local stations in
the market you happen to be in, and the commercials are intact. That means
more eyeballs on the ads. True they don't get retransmission fees, but that
was not part of the original cable deals either.  I myself am looking
forward to Aereo coming to Boston this summer. The Hopper on the other hand
advertises with great glee how you can skip the commercials, this is more


On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 2:44 AM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:

> Aereo is pretty much what cable TV was in the 60's and 70's. In NY it is in
> effect an online digital tuner but it offers a complete scan that most can
> not get OTA - there are almost always a signal missed.
> They plan to launch in Boston in a weeks.
> The reality is the broadcast networks in today's cable environment would be
> better off just selling a pure network feed to cable and satellite
> operators and charge a monthly fee. ABC is almost an afterthought in the
> Disney empire when compared to ESPN.
> Cable and satellite are at risk as well as the computer savvy under 30
> crowd can find virtually any programming feed online at little or no
> cost.Take NESN for example. It is very easy to find any Red Sox or Bruins
> game from pirate sites in Europe and Russia that are malware and virus free
> and in some cases returns a picture faster than a Comcast digital box.
> I just don't like where we are headed.

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