Harvey Sheldon resurfaces after ~50 years

Sat Sep 29 14:23:42 EDT 2012

The tower was actually located next to the Rt 1/128 split in  Danvers I 
think. It did survive until last year when it was torn  down.
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Most  likely only two people on this list--Joe Ross and me--remember  Harvey
Sheldon, the licensee of WUPY (later WUPI) 105.3 in Lynn. I think  WUPY/WUPI
lived its entire short life in the early '60s, although its  tower
(reportedly somewhere near the Kowloon Restaurant) survived as  a
non-broadcast communications tower until its demise a few years ago.  Some
people have even remarked that WUPY/I played good music--big-band  
jazz,(something that I absolutely don't remember). Well, Sheldon has  

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