Savage leaves TRN; RKO has temp. programming

Bob Nelson
Fri Sep 28 14:50:08 EDT 2012

Now that Michael Savage has won his lawsuit vs. Talk Radio Network, he
is leaving them and looking for a new deal.
WRKO has announced that tonight at least they will carry Mark Levin.
An announcement on their Facebook says
Savage is "on hiatus".

Talk Radio Network has told subscribers of their streaming that they
will offer a new and exciting show as of Monday
(free for 60 days). As for what they will offer over the air, one
wonders if Jeff Kuhner (Savage's #1 fill in?) might be what they're
intending to run. As for RKO I'd think they'd wait for Savage to sign
his new deal and pick him up (either he or Beck
ranks 3rd in talk radio national listeners). Conceivably RKO could run
Levin, etc. until then. (I doubt they'd go local.
As for syndicated, there are a number of possibilities but I think RKO
will wait for Savage to sign a new deal
and pick him up.)

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