Boston downtown radio towers (1956)

Dale H. Cook
Wed Sep 26 09:12:48 EDT 2012

At 03:41 AM 9/26/2012, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>After seeing this picture I have a vague recall of these towers, but I have
>no clue who they transmitted. Anybody have a clue?

I don't, but I remember seeing them as a boy. When we went into the city on the southeast expressway I think they were a little to the west when we were somewhere near Columbia Point. The only old topo maps that I have access to are the 1903 survey (reprinted 1942) of the Boston 15 minute quad, and the 1943 survey (reprinted 1946, revised 1949 and reprinted 1950) of the Boston South 7.5 minute quad. I would have expected the latter to show them south of South Bay, but it does not. I may be wrong, though - I'm trying to dredge up memories from about half a century ago.

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