Analog Antennas Removed From 350 Cedar Street, Needham Tower

Laurence Glavin
Thu Sep 20 16:19:39 EDT 2012

My travels a few days ago took me past the 350 Cedar Street, Needham TV/FM tower, the locus of a few changes by the
 folks who climb and repair such structures. The master DTV antenna on top, missing for lo these many months is back
 and apparently sending out the FCC-authorized full-power signals on virtual channels 2, 4, 5, 38 and 44. But as I gazed up at
 the tower from the traffic-stalled highway, I noticed that the long-standing VHF analog antennas for channels 2, 4 and 5 had been
 removed, perhaps as a side-job by the riggers while they were up there. I peeled off the highway for a closer look
 from the cemetery across the street, presumably 351 Cedar Street, and there's apparently nothing on the stick
 from where it narrows down above WKLB-FM 102.5 and the tippity-top except for the WYDN-TV 48/47 antenna.
 Won't they now have to put up new auxiliary antennas for actal channels 19, 20, 30, 39 and 43 in case the master
 antenna is fricaseed again? Oh, and now there appears to be room for another FM or two aside from WKLB if anbyone
 is interested.

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