How To Get Boston Ratings Now

Laurence Glavin
Wed Sep 5 17:57:53 EDT 2012

The former ratings page used to bring up the Boston ratings (or any market due on a given
 day for that matter) promptly at 5:00 pm Eastern time in an easy-to-read format including raw ratings
 numbers and cumes. This apparently is no longer the case, so it may be necessary to register with ( provides a link) to view the ratings and cumes there. (Somebody will have to
 fix the WMJX-FM cume; it appears to be WAY OFF). The fact that the ratings cover the period when WXKS-AM was
 right-wing talk and WODS-FM had just switched formats means that readers can dispense with their ratings for now.
 No mention of WFNX or WBHA yet. Something tells me that WEEI AM&FM and WBZ-FM will be trading places in the
 immediate future.

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