WINS anchors mispronouncing words

Laurence Glavin
Sun Sep 2 15:46:27 EDT 2012

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 >Well, maybe it's good to demand better pronunciation from TV and radio >announcers than we demand from presidents. After all, announcers don't need to deal with all of the problems that confront the country and the world, so >presidents have an excuse for poor pronunciation that announcers do not >have. Still, we should not forget that persistently mispronouncing nuclear >in the same stupid way has afflicted two US presidents--one from each >political party. And one of those presidents was a very bright man--a >nukular engineer, even. The other was a graduate of Yale, though it's not >clear that he would have graduated had his father (who went on to become >president himself and AFAIK COULD correctly pronounce nuclear) not, at the >time, been a very highly placed government official. >----- >Dan Strassberg ( >eFax 1-707-215-6367  It was at least a year ago that Tom Ashbrook invited a person described as a SCIENTIST to talk about some subject, possibly climate
 change, on WBUR's "On Point". The guest wasn't a physicist or such as, but at one point HE said "nukular", which startled me a bit.
 So I went toi WBUR's "On Point" page on the station's website to express my surprise that any SCIENTIST
 would dfo that, but I was too late; all of the comments were expressions of surprise and even disgust, even to the
 point of saying "how can we believe anything he says even about his area of expertness if he gets this wrong".

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